Case study: IVORY COAST video production for GEODIS




HEADQUARTERS: Evallois-Perret, France


Geodis is a Supply Chain Operator ranking among the top companies in its field in Europe and the world. It is the number one Transport and Logistics operator in France and ranked number four in Europe. Their international reach includes a direct presence in 67 countries with a global network spanning over 120 countries.  What’s more,  they have 41,000 employees, 165,000 customers, and over 8 billion euros in annual revenue. Geodis has been a customer of Stark Crew for many years and has bought many videos from us.

THE CHALLENGE – Provide a professional videographer in Africa in 24 hours!

This was a huge challenge! Geodis gave us only 24 hours notice to provide a highly-trained videographer to shoot the unloading of a luxury yacht in the Port Of Abidjan. A major problem was how to get the permit to shoot at the port in only 24 hours. This is particularly difficult on a Friday when permit authorities go home early.

We have been shooting for Geodis a lot.  As usual, they wanted epic big shots of the unloading operating, with wide angles showing the full movement of the process. They also wanted, in contrast, extreme details. This is because a millimeter of difference is the difference between failure and success in logistics operations. Needless to say, they wanted to show that this was a precision job.

Furthermore, they wanted to show how important the human aspect of the operation was. Geodis wanted to feature the strong and reliable men and women on site who, working together as a team with one single goal, were able to successfully complete this tremendous operation.


Within minutes of the job requirements, Stark Crew was in contact with our video production team in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, who were able to leverage their local expertise to gain access to the port, even with only 24 hours notice! Our team got to the site and filmed the entire operation successfully. After filming, they sent the footage to our team in Madrid, Spain over the Internet. We then quickly edited the video and delivered it.


Just imagine the stress you’d feel if you had to film THE NEXT DAY in a faraway and difficult-to-access location that normally requires film permits that require processing many days in advance. You might feel at a loss! Now, imagine someone told you,  “Don’t worry, we have the local video team and the local know-how and contacts to get into the location and film your operation tomorrow, no problem.”  How would you feel? Big relief, right? And an even bigger relief is when the video gets back to you and turns out to be very good in quality.


Geodis contacted Stark Crew to shoot a logistical operation at the Port of Abidjan in Ivory Coast
Even though port permits usually require processing days in advance, Stark Crew got a video team in to shoot the video successfully.
Our customer, a marketing director, was extremely relieved to have found a solution at the last minute to film the important operation and was relaxed and happy when she saw the final high-quality video that was made.

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Written by Josephine Quino

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