Case study: Chile video production for Fresh Fly




HEADQUARTERS: Philadelphia & Los Angeles

ABOUT: Fresh Fly is a full-service video production company.


Fresh Fly was shooting a documentary called “Hell or High Seas.” The synopsis is: “It’s a dark, ironic fact that the transition for military personnel into civilian life can be more deadly than combat itself.  To illustrate, over twenty U.S. veterans commit suicide every day.”

Hell or High Seas is a feature-length documentary film that will spread awareness about this epidemic. The compelling narrative of one veteran’s odyssey sailing around Cape Horn lends life to the documentary.

Fresh Fly needed to shoot their protagonists as they sailed around Cape Horn in the vicinities of Valdivia and Chile. We shot the Ushuaia part as well (see that case study here.)

A major challenge for our client was that they were unable to fly to Chile for this shoot. Therefore, they needed a full-service solution to completely shoot a segment of their documentary independently.


Stark Crew provided a full-service video production solution in Valdivia, Chile. This includes a producer/director, a director of photography, and a local sound technician. In addition, we also provided them a Black Magic camera, sound gear, lenses, sliders, a boat for the video production crew, and a drone. Equally important were the global Production Management and constant customer service with our client in Philadelphia via phone and WhatsApp. Finally, as our client could not fly in to direct the team himself, it was essential to follow his filming instructions exactly.


Stark Crew’s team of video production experts in Valdivia, Chile shot the entire video to the client’s specifications. Afterward, we delivered the footage by shipping a hard drive via express to Philadelphia. As usual, our team made a backup of the video.  We saved it until that client confirmed that they have received and checked the footage and it was all fine. Fresh Fly got the footage they needed and they were very happy with the material Stark Crew shot for them.

  • A full-service production company in Philadelphia needed to shoot part of a documentary in a remote part of Chile.
  • The client was unable to send a director. Hence, he needed a full-service video team to direct and shoot this segment independently.
  • Stark Crew provided a remote video production team in Valdivia, Chile. They followed the client’s instructions to the letter.
  • Consequently, the client was able to get the footage he needed without flying to Chile himself

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Written by Josephine Quino

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