Case study: Morocco Video Production for Facebook



CUSTOMER: Facebook

THE PROJECT: Create a Facebook & Maroc Telecom Partnership Success Video All Posts

The Mission: To showcase and explain how Facebook and Maroc Telecom worked together in Morocco to help people get more connected to the Internet with impressive results.


Stark Crew was asked to provide a full-service solution: global production management, video concept, scriptwriting, planning, shooting, editing, motion graphics,  and music selection. Also, our customer was flying into Rabat and of course we had to make sure that she was comfortable and happy during the entire shoot. In addition, our local team had to get filming permits for several locations. This is not easy with only a few weeks to start and complete the entire project.


As soon as we received the brief, our team in Madrid conceptualized the video and whipped up an initial script. We then shared this script via an online document with both Facebook and their partner in Morocco, Maroc Telecom. All project stakeholders collaborated on the script to create our final official script. Simultaneously, the Stark Crew pre-production team prepared our local video team in Rabat for the shoot which included (but not limited to) a producer/director, director of photography, sound technician, fixer, and other crew members. In addition, we got all of the gear in order for the shoot. We then chose the final locations and actors based on the final script. Star Crew responded to last-minute requests for new locations and actors quickly and successfully. Once the locations were locked down, our team rushed to action to get the necessary filming permits.


When our customer flew into Rabat, we picked her up at the airport and provided transportation to and from her hotel to the shoot locations during the entire week of shooting. Immediately after her arrival, we set up a “meet and greet” orientation with our local video team. Perhaps it is a good time to mention that our video teams are always very nice people as well. After that intro, we made sure she was comfortable and attended to by one of our customer liaisons during the entire shoot. Furthermore, our head office in Madrid, Spain was offering the customer continuous support via WhatsApp and phone calls, as needed, anytime. This was to double check that she was always happy and that her needs are taken care of.


Our team shot all over Rabat in exciting and scenic locations. We also shot a few scenes nearby in Casa Blanca. The scenes with actors were shot in especially beautiful, cinematic locations. At one point, our customer wanted to get a specific shot that had been impossible to shoot because of conditions on the ground at the time, so our local team sent a cameraman back to that location just to get that one shot, even after the rest of the video team was long gone for the day.

After we wrapped up the shoot, the team made sure that our customer got back to her hotel to rest and get to the airport on time for her flight.

We sent the video footage back to our main office in Madrid, Spain. After they edited the first draft of the video, we uploaded it to a video review tool.  This enabled our customer and all other project stakeholders to click on the video at any moment to leave their opinions, suggestions, comments, and instructions. All of this feedback helped the Stark Crew editing team to complete the final video with music, graphics, and subtitles.


Our customer was extremely happy with the final video, as were Facebook’s partners in Morocco. This is because the customer felt that the video was well-shot and well-edited. In addition, she saw that Stark Crew put the entire project together extremely fast. Our customer also enjoyed the easy and straight-forward process of buying from Stark Crew.  In the same way,  our continuous, emphatic and helpful customer service impressed her. Most importantly, the marketing teams at Facebook and Maroc Telecom involved with this video production in Morocco were both very happy with it.


On a very short timeline, Stark Crew put together a video production in Morocco.
It was totally full service: concept, script, shooting, editing, music, subtitles.
The customer had a comfortable and effective experience on location during the shoot.  She had the full support and help that she needed from both our local and global management teams.
Video was edited and delivered on time.


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