Case study: Greece video production for Leitner Wind




HEADQUARTERS: Sterzing (Vipiteno), Italy

ABOUT:  LEITWIND is a brand of the worldwide company Leitner AG. With this brand, the company produces wind turbines in the megawatt class.

THE CHALLENGE – Shoot & Editing

Leitwind wanted to create a video of drone footage to show the installation of an electric wind turbine outside of Alexandroupolis, Greece. The aim was to show the tower, mainframe, hub, generator, and positioning of the “star” of blades.  The challenge was filming in a remote location with changing weather conditions.  For such an operation, Leitwind required a readily available and flexible video crew.

Also, once the shooting was completed, they needed it edited and delivered quickly.


During the shoot, weather conditions did in fact change and delay the installation!


Stark Crew provided a locally-based drone pilot.  When it seemed likely that there would be weather problems, we sourced other drone pilots to make sure that whenever the weather cleared up, we’d be able to give full coverage to the installation. It was extremely important to have someone always on hand at a moments notice as installation surely wasn’t going to wait for a videographer to show up! As soon as the weather was good, we had to be there to capture the footage one way or another.


Our customer (a marketing manager for Leitwind) was able to successfully film this important operation with beautiful and cinematic shots. This is due to the availability and flexibility of drone pilots that Stark Crew sourced and managed.  The footage was immediately sent to our editors at our HQ in Madrid, Spain, where it was quickly edited and uploaded to our review tool. After getting our customer feedback in the review tool, Stark Crew quickly re-edited and delivered the final video. Our customer was very happy – not only with the video but also with the entire efficient process from the beginning. The service that we provided empowered them to film an operation under the uncertainty of changing weather conditions.

  • In order to film the installation of an electric wind turbine, Leitwind needed a video production company to provide a drone videographer in a remote location near Alexandroupolis, Greece. Due to changing weather conditions, they needed a flexible video crew solution.
  • They also needed the video quickly edited and delivered
  • Stark Crew sourced multiple drone videographers in order to give complete video coverage of the installation regardless of the weather and then quickly edited and delivered the final video.
  • Leitwind was very happy with both the experience and the final video

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