Case study: Switzerland video production for Medical Glamour



CUSTOMER: Medical Glamor

HEADQUARTERS: Riyad, Saudi Arabia


Medical Glamor is a plastic surgery clinic.

THE CHALLENGE – Video production on a very tight budget

Medical Glamor contacted Stark Crew to shoot a video with Dr. Fadi Nassr, one of their doctors. Dr. Nassr was visiting medical offices in Geneva, Switzerland and interviewing experts about medical devices and techniques. Aside from video production, they also wanted us to edit it.


Due to the customer’s very tight budget, Stark Crew provided them with a skeleton crew consisting of one Director of Photography with a Sony Fs7 camera and one Sound Technician with sound gear. This small crew shot a presentation with Dr. Fadi, as well as medical interviews. Once the video was shot, the footage was sent over the Internet to one of our editor’s at our home base in Madrid, Spain where it was edited and delivered via the Internet to our customer.


Due to Stark Crew’s fast speed, efficiency, and flexibility, Dr. Fadi was able to fly into Geneva from Saudi Arabia, shoot his presentations and interviews with a professional local video crew, and fly out, knowing that Stark Crew was editing the video to his specifications. This made life very easy for Dr. Fadi and he was happy with the edited video that Stark Crew delivered. All in all, Stark Crew’s video production in Geneva was a huge success.


A doctor from Saudi Arabia needed to shoot a video in Geneva, Switzerland
When he arrived, Stark Crew’s video crew was ready to shoot
Dr. Fadi’s shoot go quickly and easily without complications
At the end of the shoot, Dr. Fadi flew out of Switzerland as Stark Crew’s editors began editing the video
Stark Crew delivered the final edited video to Dr. Fadi who was happy with the result.

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Written by Josephine Quino

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