Case Study: How Stark Crew Produces Global Interviews for Facebook Around the World

Project Description: Stark Crew helps Facebook’s Public Policy team to make videos in locations all over the world. Here’s what they’ve said about us:

“The Stark Crew team pulled off the impossible. If you need global video crews, do not look anywhere else.”
– Nicole Fulk / Facebook Global Policy

Using this interactive map, we’re going to show you just how Stark Crew produces global video interviews for Facebook, specializing in Testimonials, Thought Leadership, and Expert/ Influencer Insights:
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On the map, you’ll also see a number that notes which video has footage from that location. They are as follows:

  1. World Humanitarian Summit Turkey
  2. Amber Alert/NUR
  3. Facebook Data Privacy Day
  4. A new paradigm for personal data
  5. #hervoice Roundtables

The challenge: Facebook wanted to show how the platform helps advance public policy initiatives. Each project had its set of challenges, but they had things in common: First, the plans required filming in various worldwide locations; some projects required shooting in more than five countries! Videos had to be shot in a short amount of time across the globe with a consistent brand style.
The approach: Stark Crew deployed our team of local video crews in the required locations. We served as the single point-of-contact for all project stakeholders, which sometimes spanned 15 different time zones. Once we mobilized the crews, the local video production teams provided the knowledge necessary to meet local challenges: obtaining permits, locating subjects, and even obtaining the permissions to have minors’ faces either be featured on blurred out as part of the b-roll.
Stark Crew also edited the footage: some as stand-alone interviews and others as micro-documentaries.
In summary, Stark Crew successfully reduced Facebook’s production costs with its exclusive use of local crews while increasing time to delivery.
The impact: Stark Crew helped Facebook accomplish its video objectives. These objectives included raising awareness for privacy and Internet safety challenges for female Facebook users, interviewing top privacy leaders on three continents to give their recommendations for maintaining privacy online, and showing how local FB users helped people in need in Turkey. Facebook has also counted on Stark Crew to highlight how their partnership with the Malaysian police helped find missing children. Facebook has not only published these videos online, but some of the world’s top diplomats have watched our work at events like the World Humanitarian Summit.
Stark Crew is currently producing new videos for Facebook across the globe.
In summary, Stark Crew has helped Facebook to:

  • Coordinate video shoots for across five continents in the following countries: the United States, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kosovo, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Turkey, Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, and others
  • The videos we have produced cover all three areas of our niche: testimonials, C-Suite Level Thought Leadership, and Expert/Influencer Insights
  • All videos have a unified style and highly professional quality
  • Stark Crew successfully manages all stakeholders through their single point of contact
  • We continue to work with Facebook

Stark Crew- What we want you to remember about us

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