How Video Fits Into Your CRM

A few days ago we came out with a little infographic that talks about how VIDEO TRANSLATES INTO SALES: 
As you strive to convert, your centerpiece of your fusion of marketing and sales is your CRM. That’s where all our sales emails come into after they’ve been sent out, or if you manage all your blasts from your CRM, it does that too. As much as our CRMs make life easier, we sometimes may have a love/hate relationship with our CRMs (especially if you happen to be on vacation). In our case, we’re updating our CRM seven days a week (After all, Stark Crew’s motto is anytime, anywhere) to make sure we get all the automatic responses and alternative contacts into our system. But, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Now you might be asking: Wait, isn’t a CRM just for storing personal information and qualify leads from the swaths of prospects I get? I can’t possibly fathom video having a place in my CRM.
The guys at Vidyard probably put the words right in your mouth: “[w]hen you hear the words ‘video marketing’, you likely think about your efforts on YouTube or the latest video you’ve seen from a popular brand…” Fortunately for you, integrating video into your CRM is a reality. Especially given the fact that video has been, and is, gaining more importance in an overall marketing strategy. And that’s because video is more than something we watch when we let something entertain us-it’s a powerful conversion tool. How many times have you ever watched a video for a product and immediately went to Google to either search it or buy it? That example, in spite of appearing silly, is exactly what video can get you when integrated into the CRM.
How can video do that?
Let’s think about why we use CRMs in the first place: they’re all about finding your target customers, and tailor all your communications and sales calls in a way that gives you the context necessary to close the deal. And Vidyard sums up the questions we’re trying to answer like this:

  • “Who are my most qualified prospects?
  • What are they most interested in?
  • What can I say to get them even more interested?”

Video can help us get there but before we go any further, there’s one thing we need to figure out: how to possibly be able to figure out who watches the videos and just where those prospects are in your funnel.
There’s an answer in the form of using a video platform like Vidyard and CRM integrations. A video platform will give you the access to all the engagement tools you need. That means you can see which parts of the video are getting played, and when people get turned off. What sort of information can we find out from a video platform? We have mentioned before that you should always keep your videos short and sweet. You’ll want to make sure you can grab people at the nose of your video so you get your point across before people inevitably change gears to something else. That’s not to say that the body of your video is just as important-this will be where you can truly see where the bulk of your content is being well-received. According to Adam Brown from the Government Information Service in the UK, when you look at a graph, “(the more horizontal the graph the better).” That “…means the main content of your video has been well received and viewers are interested in what your video has to say.” Then of course, who sticks around until the end would be the tail of the video. To break this down into percentages, here’s what Brown says the percentages are typically allocated:

  • 2% for the nose
  • 96% for the body
  • 2% for the tail

On a video platform, coupled with a full integration of your CRM, you can do just that.
Does my CRM have a video integration?
If you’re using HubSpot CRM or Salesforce, then you’ll be glad to know that Vidyard offers an integration tool with both these platforms.
On HubSpot, you can do the following:

  • Send personalized video messages straight from HubSpot to your prospects (taking the video selfie into the CRM realm)
  • Use the video engagement data as part of your company’s lead scoring system
  • And, of course, create lists based on Vidyard data so you can continue making your campaigns more and more relevant. And the more relevant, the better the targeting, and more success!

We highly recommend you click on the link to learn about how this works because they made a video explaining just how they do that!
For Salesforce, Vidyard has a whole suite of solutions that go all across the Salesforce universe. Within the Salesforce portfolio of tools, you can adapt video to how you use Salesforce-whether it be Parot, Chatter, ExactTarget, and more. If you’re focused on sales and prospecting, engaging and converting, collaborating, or trying to up your Customer Service game, if you’re using Salesforce then you’ve got yourself an ally in Vidyard.
Wistia also has loads of third-party integrations that you can use with your regular CRM technology.
Now I know I can do all this but how can I figure out what to produce for my CRM?
We’ve got you covered. We’ve told you how video can nicely fit into your sales funnel and make your very own video production brief. But, if you need a helping hand, we can do more for you than just information. Our video strategy services can help you see where video will be a great fit in your Customer Journey, and just where you can get the added value you need in the area of your overall strategy where you want it. We know all your challenges when it comes to embracing more video but we have the know-how to make your global video projects a reality. Video is for any part of your business, even in the most unexpected of places-like your CRM.

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