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Facebook Data Privacy Day

Stark Crew teamed up with Facebook for its series of videos for Data Privacy Day 2016.   The Stark Crew team pulled off the impossible. On our last shoot we […]


Stark Crew teamed up with Geodis to produce its executive interviews and other corporate videos that showcase the company’s work around the world. The challenge Geodis, a globally active freight […]

Facebook #HerVoice

Stark Crew teamed up with Facebook on its #HerVoice initiative.   You will feel completely at ease sending the crews to your partners, clients, and executives. If you need a […]

Martins Industries

Stark Crew teamed up with Martins Industries to produce a video and animation about their process and the products they offer. The challenge Martins Industries wanted to offer its customers […]

CASE STUDY: Geodis Wilson

With 7,700 people and a global network in over 50 countries, Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight management companies. Stark Crew maintains an exceptional relationship with Geodis […]

CASE STUDY: Pharma Ventures

PharmaTelevision  is the groundbreaking online TV channel for the biopharma industry, offering a television news archive, analysis and feature interviews with industry leaders. On various occassions, Pharmatelevision has counted on […]

CASE STUDY: Intellectual Ventures

Founded in 2000, Intellectual Ventures is a privately-held invention capital company. With more than $6 billion committed capital and more than 40,000 IP assets in active monetization programs, Intellectual Ventures […]


The JLG Communications Agency counted on Stark Crew to provides crews for a UPS promotional video.  Stark Crew provided crews in Japan, South Africa, Cologne, Istanbul, Mexico City, Prague, and […]