Project name:

Facebook #HerVoice

Project description:

Stark Crew teamed up with Facebook on its #HerVoice initiative.


You will feel completely at ease sending the crews to your partners, clients, and executives. If you need a global video crew, do not look anywhere else.

Nicole Fulk, Program Associate, Facebook

The challenge

The Facebook Safety page needed insights from women on the topic of women’s safety and comfort online for the associated #hervoice campaign. As a social networking site used by women and girls worldwide, they wanted these videos to showcase a diverse set of women and the steps they recommend for keeping safe online.

The approach

Stark Crew connected with crews to shoot interviews with women digital privacy activists in Dublin, Nairobi, Hyderabad, and Washington, DC. With its international video crews, the company was able to coordinate high-quality, stylistically unified shoots across all of these locations.

The impact

Stark Crew has helped Facebook to raise awareness for the particular privacy and safety challenges faced by its women users and to suggest preventative solutions to users worldwide. Facebook was able to make a meaningful contribution to the conversation around the UN’s 60th Commission on the Status of Women in New York, an event towards ending violence—including online aggression—against women and girls. Stark Crew also cut costs for Facebook by using local crews worldand serving as the single point of contact.

In summary

  • Four local crews were sent out to four international locations: Dublin, Nairobi, Hyderbad and Washington DC to film roundtables all held on the same day
  • The quick turnaround of the footage allowed Facebook to get the information online right away, while the event was still relevant
  • Stark Crew handled all the logistics, and cut costs for Facebook by working with local crews in each location


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