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CASE STUDY: Geodis Wilson

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With 7,700 people and a global network in over 50 countries, Geodis Wilson is one of the world’s largest freight management companies.

Stark Crew maintains an exceptional relationship with Geodis Wilson. Not only do we provide their global video crews and production management services, but we also provide a host of creative services such as concepts, scriptwriting, and editing, effectively delivering a 360 full-service creative agency solution.

We have produced projects for Geodis Wilson in Mexico, Germany, Spain, Thailand, USA, Ivory Coast, Chile, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Brazil, Guyana, France, and many other countries.


“What counts when you do corporate interviews in various countries across the globe is timing, flexibility and professionalism. Timing is crucial; most of the time board members and CEOs have only a few minutes to spend for the interview itself. We found Stark Crew to be the right partner to perform this task perfectly.”

Michael Zuchold
Communications Director
Geodis Wilson

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