Project name:


Project description:

Stark Crew teamed up with Geodis to produce its executive interviews and other corporate videos that showcase the company’s work around the world.

The challenge

Geodis, a globally active freight management company, needed to perform corporate interviews its CEO and board members on a time budget that matched their tight schedules. Telling the company’s brand story also required synthesizing input from staff at their centers worldwide into cohesive videos.

The approach

Stark Crew connected with crews to shoot videos featuring the company’s staff and facilities in the United States, Costa Rica, Panama, the Netherlands, and other countries. With its international video crews, the company was able to coordinate high-quality, stylistically unified shoots across all of these locations.

The impact

Stark Crew has become a trusted video production and creative service provider for Geodis, producing content for them in Mexico, Germany, Spain, Thailand, USA, Ivory Coast, Chile, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Brazil, Guyana, France, and many other countries.

More videos we’ve worked on for Geodis:

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