Project name:

Facebook Data Privacy Day

Project description:

Stark Crew teamed up with Facebook for its series of videos for Data Privacy Day 2016.


The Stark Crew team pulled off the impossible. On our last shoot we did 6 shoots in 6 different locations around the world, all within a week’s notice. Each crew was talented, professional, friendly, and flexible. We were absolutely wowed at every step of the way.

Nicole Fulk, Program Associate, Facebook

The challenge

As Facebook geared up for Data Privacy Day 2016, they were faced with a challenge: how could they produce a set of six stylistically unified videos showcasing insights from privacy policy leaders around the world—and get it all done in less than a week?

The approach

With its wealth of video crew contacts worldwide, Stark Crews is uniquely positioned to solve challenges such as the one that Facebook faced. Stark Crews jumped into action, recruiting company partners in Kosovo, South Dakota, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and British Columbia for the shoots. The company’s strong international orientation meant it was able to coordinate separate shoots at six locations on the same day.

The impact

Stark Crew completed the project in the most efficient way possible, cutting costs for Facebook by serving as a single point of contact among crews—which Facebook recognized as “talented, professional, friendly, and flexible”— in all six locations. They reached Facebook’s audience in a series of succinct and helpful videos containing a diverse range of insights from privacy experts around the world. Some of the videos have since gained more than a half-million views.

In summary

  • Local crews sent to shoot at six different locations in Kosovo, South Dakota, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Hong Kong, and British Columbia
  • All was coordinated within a week’s notice.
  • Crews acted with professionalism in interviewing top privacy policy leaders at an international level
  • Videos have received more than half a million views on Facebook

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