Video Production Montreal. Robert Boulos says "Oui" to joining the Stark Crew Team

Looking for video production in Montreal?
As the Stark Crew family grows, we want to let world know who our members are, where in the world they are located and why we’re proud to be working with them. Today we say bon jour to our main man in Montreal, Robert Boulos, an experienced artistic director and idea man who is shining the Stark Crew light on Canada.
Robert is a jovial 42-year-old native of St-Jean-sur Richelieu, Canada, who began and continues his professional life in Montreal. He says he chose to set up shop in his adoptive city for one reason and one alone: “everyone wants to be in Montreal.” This cosmopolitan city has seen Robert’s career flourish over the past 20 years, as he has spun “a rich and successful technical and creative narrative within the artistic community.”
Having paid his dues working in all stages of film production and coordination, Robert has developed an extremely solid background and reputation, both on local jobs and large-scale international projects and films. Working both in in front of and behind the camera, Robert has become a well-known figure within Montreal’s film production field and has established an enviable network of contacts in fields such as music, television and events.
Robert has worked as a line producer, producer or co-producer on numerous award-winning films, including Where the Money Is, Ladies Room, You Can Thank Me Later and Going to Kansas City. And he is particularly proud of his role as executive-producer on the documentary Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae (2009). Not only was the film a success with the critics, but it has been included as part of the official selection of several international festivals, ultimately winning an award at the Zurich Film Festival. Robert has also worked with such titans of films as James Ivory and Ang Lee on the films City Of Your Final Destination and Life Of Pi (3D), which will be kicking off this year’s New York Film Festival.
Although Montreal is his preferred stomping ground, Robert’s expertise has also been requested in Quebec, where he has worked on the successful show Cavalia and the Felix Leclerc TV mini-series. And in 2010, Robertert was nominated at the Numix and Gémeaux Awards for his project Didier Ze Mime.
Production aside, Robert has also worked on media and media convergence research and development, a path that led him to found the multi-faceted company Farweb. Building its projects up from scratch, Farweb drives the conceptualization of a client company’s branding, graphics production, Web sites and video content.
It was long-time friend and Stark Crew founder, Phillip Stark, who proposed that Robert join the company’s international network. As a passionate, well-connected professional able to embody different roles, Robert was the natural choice. Plus Robert’s location in Montreal offered great opportunities for Stark Crew clients abroad Interested in the French Canadian market.
Robert jumped at the opportunity to establish Stark Crew’s Montreal division, citing “the thrill of building up something new, while connecting with a wide range of interesting and talented people.”
In addition to working with more international clients, Robert says that “the main advantage of Stark Crew is the possibility of delivering high quality productions that will seduce the public with fresh and original content. Not to mention that Stark Crew’s professional opportunities will make Farweb stand out globally as well as locally.”
Robert’s first Stark Crew assignment was an interview for Africa Channel with Afrique Expansion’s founder and CEO Amina Nleung–Gerba and M. Malam Gerba. The experience was challenging, as unforeseen technical issues were experienced during the shoot. However, Robert’s quick thinking and professionalism made it possible to produce a video that surpassed the client’s expectations.
Clearly, satisfaction is guaranteed with Robert Boulos heading up Stark Crew’s Canadian branch of the family tree.