Camera Crew Mexico City. Stark Crew welcomes Ray Fortuny.

Looking for a camera crew in Mexico City? Ray Fortuny makes Stark Crew a reality in Mexico’s capital city.

Ray Fortuny is a 38-year-old native of bustling Mexico City who has worked as a filmmaker, producer and post-producer for broadcasting and news giants, such as TELEMUNDO, UNIVISION, EFE, AFP and the AP. For companies seeking an English-speaking camera crew in Mexico City, Ray is the man to call.
Although he studied journalism and communication at the internationally renowned National University of Mexico (UNAM), Ray’s passion always lay in film and photography. He’d studied both as a hobby, but it wasn’t until after college that he decided to pursue film professionally. With his mind set on becoming a filmmaker, Ray took a giant leap, both geographically and professionally, by enrolling at the New York Film Academy.
After crossing the North American continent to learn the practical aspects of filmmaking, in 2000, Ray crossed the Atlantic to try his luck in Europe. However, the old continent wasn’t quite the right fit for Ray, whose desire to return to New York was dashed by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It was then that Ray realized it was time to return home; a move that he now realizes couldn’t have been more positive.
“It’s the best place to develop professionally and socially,” says Ray of his hometown. Although his return to Mexico City required that he work a day job in sales, Ray continued to work on film and photography in his free time. Little by little, he made a name for himself in the communications and media world by creating low-budget freelance productions. You name it, Ray filmed it: weddings, birthday parties, corporate videos and television spots. Ray credits this variety of work with “generating the experience necessary to work on more complex and interesting projects.”
By 2005, Ray was working in the sales office at the Mexico City headquarters of the Spanish news agency EFE. It was while working for the agency that Ray realized it was time to permanently trade in his suit and tie for a camera. “Understanding sales within the media industry led me to decide to start my own content production business,” he explains. Ray’s first assignments came from several international news agencies, including the AP, AFP and German Television. Little by little, he began breaking into the television industry, eventually working for TELEMUNDO as an events producer and cameraman.
However, success in his field was no reason to stop honing his craft. Ray continued to take film production classes, such as a course in production and first aid in conflict areas given by the International Red Cross, a post production course in After Effects, and an online journalism research seminar.
Ray’s experience and drive made him a natural choice to run Stark Crew in Mexico, where he specializes in providing English-speaking camera crews in Mexico City to corporate clients, agencies, and broadcast media companies. There can be no doubt that his collaboration adds tremendous value to all stages of production at both of these companies, but it also adds the kind of artistic flair that only someone truly passionate about film and photography can contribute.