About Stark Crew – corporate video production across the globe

Stark Crew is a global video production agency that offers standardized video services and solutions.
Founder Phillip Stark recognized the problem that many multinational companies faced when they needed to shoot corporate videos in global locations: “Before, if a company wanted to shoot client testimonials in 12 different countries they either had to fly all their crew to each country or they had to hire locally in each location.  They would either spend thousands on travel, accommodation etc... or they might end up compromising their brand by using local companies who failed to standardize the videos to the client’s brand vision, editing style, creative style etc…We wanted to avoid all of that.
We help companies to save money by allowing them to source their products locally while retaining brand consistency.  And we achieve this by being specialists in our field and being dedicated to standardization for all our clients’ videos across the globe” said Stark.

Phillip Stark-Founder of Stark Crew

Stark, an American, has been in Madrid for nearly a decade and due to his extensive experience in video production companies has seen, “more and more companies go global while at the same time there is an explosive growth of screens on a global level. This growing trend has helped us to create ideal solutions for business clients- most of which are multinationals, but we love small businesses too.”

Now Stark Crew offer innovative solutions such as video production packages tailored to specific projects like company culture and client testimonial videos.   And Stark have franchisees in various global locations that you can deal with directly, English-speaking video journalists, production fixers, on-camera talent, and whatever else the client might need, across the globe.
And Stark attributes, “A growth in globalized companies, a growth in screens, a decline in costs for top quality video gear and an increase in communication technologies” to “everything that helped  create the solution that is Stark Crew. “

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