Stark Crew Moves Into The Madrid International Lab – Our Video Production Company in Madrid gets a new home!

Stark Crew moves into the Madrid Lab

Madrid-based global video production company Stark Crew have just moved into a new home!  And that new home is inside the Madrid International Lab in a beautiful and historical building that was once a bona fide science lab.
Stark Crew already feel at home here, because as a company that thrives on creativity and innovation to create its corporate and educational videos, this building, with its airy spaces, crisp white walls and gilded staircases, serves to inspire exactly that amongst all who work here.  “Stark Crew wants to support entrepreneurship in Spain.  By being in Madrid, one of the major business capitals of the world, and by being in the inspirational base of  this entrepreneurs’ Lab, we aim to develop Stark Crew and generate new jobs for Spaniards and international workers, alike,” said Phillip Stark, Founder of Stark Crew.

Inside the Madrid Lab  

The Madrid Lab is a base where entrepreneurs can work in relative peace whilst being inspired by the general buzz of productivity that is etched into the very bones of this building,  stemming from its days as a science lab.   “There are all kinds of people with all kinds of businesses here, and that diversity is part of what inspires companies like Stark Crew to be innovative,” said Stark.  “And the punching bags in some of the offices hint at the high levels of stress and anxiety that many of us entrepreneurs face in the early stages of  developing our companies!”
The only downside to the Lab appears to be the vending machine, which serves fabulous and addictive hot drinks and which, according to Stark, could be responsible for significant weight gain amongst the entrepreneurs here! However, for companies like Stark Crew who thrive on energy, drive and excellence to produce their corporate videos, perhaps a little caffeine isn’t such a bad thing!
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