Hassle-free corporate video production in any country, any time

Multinational corporations face a logistical nightmare when it comes to global video production. Clients have told us time and time again that – before meeting us – when they needed to shoot corporate interviews or customer testimonials in twelve different countries they only really had two choices:
1. Fly a video production crew from city to city.
2. Hire a local production company in each city.
Both of these options caused several problems:
1. The first option allowed the client to work with a  trusted and familiar crew but the cost of flights, accommodation, local ground transport, meals and all the crew’s other expenses mounted up and resulted in less videos actually being produced per year.
2. The second option allowed the client to hire locally but by hiring a different production company in each city they had to invest significant time and money researching and selecting providers and they also had to deal with unpredictable service from country to country. And, previously, some of the problems caused by hiring locally have been:

  • Videos having different quality, style and formats
  • Videos having different editing styles
  • Videos having different music and sound design styles
  • Videos being produced with unpredictable customer service
  • Videos being too conceptually and creatively unpredictable and not matching the client’s recognizable brand

These problems created a demand for a video production company which could assure brand consistency and quality across every video produced anywhere in the world. The clients who faced these problems created a demand for a global video production company to help standardize their video communications and match the standardization that has already been achieved with their traditional print and electronic communications.
They wanted to count on just one company offering consistent service  anywhere in the world.
And Stark Crew answered this demand by being that one company.
By offering hundreds of video crews across the globe, Stark Crew help clients to produce videos anywhere, anytime and in accordance with a system of consistent best practices in customer service and video quality.
But don’t just take our word for it:

“When we needed to conduct  interviews in half a dozen countries  we counted on Stark C&C.  It all went like clockwork. Great job and I highly recommend them.”
Anita Raducanu
McGraw Hill
“What counts when you do corporate interviews in various countries across the globe is timing, flexibility and professionalism. Timing is crucial; most of the time board members and CEOs have only a few minutes to spend for the interview itself. Flexibility is also essential as locations and interview slots are subject to last minute changes. Finally, as there are many unpredictable variables, professionalism is fundamental. Whatever surprises or changes may occur, everything and anything still needs to be in place and run smoothly. It is a demanding task. We found Stark Content & Crew to be the right partner to perform this task perfectly.”
Michael Zuchold,
Geodis Wilson

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