Looking for a camera crew in Lisbon but want to save money and time? That’s where Stark Crew comes in.

If you’ve been searching for a camera crew in Lisbon and are trying to save some cash on videos, Stark Crew is YOUR crew. Don’t waste money flying camera crews around the world! Stark Crew already has a camera crew in Lisbon ready and waiting. And the best of all is that Stark Crew actually tailors their services to your company. We provide a crew, equipment, and most of all…an end product that bests suits your specific company and your specific needs. Are you thinking to yourself, “But we don’t speak Portuguese…what now?” Well, Stark Crew provides an English speaking camera crew in Lisbon, so communication is not an issue. We keep it simple for you. Contact us to find out more about our local camera crew in Lisbon.

Check out our video producer, Rui, in Lisbon: