Camera Crew Madrid – Need a camera crew in Madrid for interviews?

Camera crew Madrid for corporate interviews

Do you need an English-speaking camera crew in Madrid you can trust? Our company, Stark Content & Crew, has provided a camera crew in Madrid for top corporations, media networks, and small businesses for over 5 years. Here is an example video and client testimonial from a recent shoot in Madrid:

“What counts when you do corporate interviews is timing, flexibility and professionalism. Timing, because most of the time board members and CEOs have only a few minutes to spend for the interview itself. Flexibility, because location and interview slot might change to the last moment, and professionalism because everything and everything still needs to be in place and run very smoothly. That’s a demanding task. With Stark Content & Crew we found the partner that copes with this task just perfectly.”

-Michael Zuchold
Geodis Wilson Headquarters
Communications Director

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