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Looking for a camera crew in Madrid? When the Grossmyth Company in Los Angeles needed a local cameraman and associate producer in Madrid to work on a series of interviews for the Pedro Almodóvar DVD box set release in the USA, they called up Stark Content & Crew.  When you need a one-man-band or a full camera crew in Madrid, we can do it all! Here´s a testimonial:

I hired Phillip Stark to work with me on a documentary which required extensive interviews in and around Madrid. Phillip’s role was multi-fold. He worked as a translator, an associate producer, and as a cameraman often engaging in more than one task at a time. Phillip is reliable, organized and proactive, and I recommend him highly for any position. I would certainly hire him again upon return to Madrid.

-Caddie Hastings
The Grossmyth Company

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