Travel Channel shoot in Madrid

I am a host and producer of “Your Travel Guide”, produced by Discovery Production Group for the Travel Channel in the United States. Our fast paced, single-camera show needs crew members who are flexible, quick-thinking and on-the-ball. Working as my camera-man, translator and all-around Guy Friday for an episode on Madrid, Phillip Stark surpassed expectations. He did a wonderful job.
Phillip is dedicated and has a positive attitude. He went out of his way to introduce me to the local culture and generously offered the use of his connections in Madrid to help the shoot. At one point I mused that it would be nice to get an overhead shot of one street scene. A quick phone call later, we were shooting from his friend’s balcony.
I highly recommend hiring Phillip. He gets things done and is a pleasure to work with.
Kate Ward
Host and Producer
Your Travel Guide
Discovery Production Group