Top Filming Locations Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has blossomed into a cultural icon of urban development as it continues to flourish as an economic center of Europe. If you are headed to Berlin to shoot your next project allow us to break down the top locations you do not want to miss. Our experts at Stark Crew can provide you with the perfect local camera crew and specialists to handle all of your video production needs. We have a network of professionals working in over 600 cities around the world, one of which is Berlin. Our local camera crews in Berlin are both professional and affordable as they work to get you the best product possible.
An iconic symbol of Berlin is the TV Tower- the tallest building in Berlin standing at 368 meters (roughly 1,200 feet). It is located in the center of the city it provides an amazing aerial view of the city. Also located in the city center is the Alexanderplatz a large public square as well as the center hub for the cities transit. This is where amazing shots of the bustling culture of the urban city can be captured.
If you are looking to touch on Berlin’s history as well as its art and culture the East Side Gallery should be your first stop. The East Side Gallery is a one-mile stretch of the Berlin Wall where Graffiti has not been removed; it acts as an ever-evolving art space and spectators flock to see the latest developments.
Berlin is one of the greener capital cities so capturing the beauty of public space has never been easier! Maurpark plays host to a large flea market every Sunday with vendors selling items ranging from bikes to souvenirs. Volkspark Friedrichshain a beautiful green space that used to be a vineyard and is now a leisure spot for locals.
As you can see Berlin’s bustling culture radiates through every part of the city. Our camera crews can help you navigate through the city and get the perfect shot. Stark Crew’s specialist can help you out with video production and voilà you’ve finished your next project in Berlin without the hassle of flying out a camera crew. Contact Stark Crew today and let’s get started!