Stark Crew Launches New Madrid Website

Stark Crew unveils it newest and most important website of all: Stark Crew, Madrid. The new site comes months after numerous websites for Stark Crew franchisees around the world, such as Montreal, Mexico City, and Beijing, had already been established. Although the new Madrid website is the latest installment in a series of franchisee websites, Madrid has been one of the longest serving communities of the Stark Crew enterprise.
In fact, Madrid is home to the headquarters of the quickly flourishing Stark Crew brand. Established in 2010, Stark Crew has been providing both Madrid and Spain, in general, the professional quality and affordable service that has become synonymous with the company name. Since then, Stark Crew has produced countless of videos for some of the biggest international corporations in Spain. As company-founder, Phillip Stark, explains, “Madrid is home to many multinational corporations as well various international conventions and other events. Thus, we have done countless C-Level executive interviews, pharmaceutical interviews, market research interviews, and event coverage videos—not only Madrid, but across all of Spain.”
Madrid was seen as an ideal location for the home-base for the international corporate video specialists considering its centrality to both European, American, and Asian markets. Furthermore, one of the aspects of business that Stark Crew prides itself on is the fact that it has video crews all around the globe that speak English, the unofficial language of the international marketplace; with Spanish being the second most spoken language in the world, it’s only natural—as our objective is always to make our client’s work easier—that we also cater to the ever-burgeoning Spanish market. As Phillip Stark perfectly sums up, “Madrid is the perfect location for a global company. We´ve got a direct line to the Spanish-speaking world and by being in Europe we have access to all the European markets as well.”
Check out what all the hype is about! Visit our newest website at and let us know how we can help you with your next video project in Spain.

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