Punctual and Practical Means Your Films Get Produced On Time and Under Budget

Finding an affordable camera crew in Mexico City seems like a daunting task, considering that ordinarily you have to deal with the cost of flying crews around the globe AFTER you’ve spent your valuable time searching for something that suits your specific company. Luckily, Stark Crew is anything but ordinary. When it comes to finding an affordable camera crew in Mexico City, Stark Crew’s Ray Fortuny has the best camera crew rates in all the city. We provide you with an English speaking production company fully equipped with the best in audio-visual technology and digital post-production software. And there’s nothing better than working with someone who is familiar with the city in which they work and who knows how to face any problems that can arise. When I asked Ray what specific requirements he had to meet in order to provide the best service possible to his recent client, he said, “Mexico is a very busy city and the traffic is a headache. So I try to be exactly on schedule. That’s appreciated a lot in this city…especially from a client’s standpoint.” It’s apparent that Stark Crew (and Fortuny) understand how to meet the needs of their clients, and the best part is most of the costs have already been cut for you. With Stark Crew, finding a low-cost yet high-quality camera crew in Mexico City has never been so easy. Contact us for more information about what we can do for you.