Need a camera crew in Beijing? Stark Content & Crew helps provide video coverage of the development of China's high speed rail system

If you are seeking a camera crew in Beijing, please visit our Stark Crew Beijing web site by clicking here to meet our Beijing team.
Top corporations and media networks seeking to locally source English-speaking camera crews in Beijing count on Stark Content & Crew every time. We offer English-speaking video production camera crews, coordinators, and any other kind of video professional you may need from ENG camera crews to on-camera talent and much more. Here’s a recent testimonial:

Traveling around the world is tough enough. And even shooting in your home town can be a challenge. But combine the two and international production is a minefield. As a Westerner, I feel quite at home shooting in a large percentage of the world. Italy, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas… no problem. Our first shoot in China, though, was a whole different beast. No amount of “Latin” was going to help me to decifer Chinese. The culture, the language and the people were all parts of the great unknown. Not to mention a Communist government.
Fortunately, Stark Crew removed the unknown and provided Maggetti Digital Media with a safety net. As our local production connection, Stark Crew provided a lifeline into the world of Chinese media production. Their knowledge of the people and the culture took a great load off our minds and allowed us to focus on the task at hand… top notch production and high level customer service for our clients. Seamless planning, exquisite execution and a capable crew made our first shoot in China flawless.
Through high level planning and preparation, plus an efficient and open line of communication, Stark Crew provided Maggetti Digital Media with everything we needed to focus on the job at hand and provide our client with a fantastic video.

-Paul Maggetti
Maggetti Digital Media

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