How to make event videos 6: make a teaser!

event-teaser-graphicWe´ve launched a series of behind the scenes information articles and this first series is based on  “How to make great event videos.” Whether you are shooting a convention, seminar, workshop, or launch party, event videos are some of the most challenging – exciting – videos you can make.  Of course, a great video is built upon great foundations.
We know the customers want to edit and distribute their event videos as quickly as possible, but there is one main hurdle: the amount of footage to edit. You simply cannot edit an event video in 24 hours! So what is the solution for customers who want to publish a video about their event almost immediately? Make a teaser!
Shooting event videos with interviews require the filming of much more footage than a normal video interview in a controlled setting. Consider that there is much more action to film: workshops, demonstrations, speakers, panelists, and other activities. Additionally, many of these activities are unpredictable, so the videographer needs to keep the camera recording continuously in order to not miss any magic moments.
Filming all of these activities can translate into hours of footage – with only one camera. Throw multiple cameras into the mix, and it may take days for the video editor to comb through all of the footage! Not only does the editor have to select the best b-roll and interview sound bites, but there is also a tremendous amount of work in audio mixing, music selection, color-grading, motion graphics, and animations. There is just no way the customer can get a video by the next day!
On the other hand, a teaser video can be created much more quickly. During the shoot, our producer will be taking notes of best shots and interview sound bites. Our video editors here at Stark Crew can then quickly piece these bits together to create a slick, short event teaser video. Here´s an example we did in 24 hours for Uber at the Baselworld event in Switzerland: