How To Create (Global) Video Assets For Your Social Media Marketing

Companies that understand social media is now turning things up a notch by rapidly integrating video into their social media strategies.  Is your company joining this video revolution?
In case you haven’t been integrating original video into your social media just yet, Stark Crew is here to help you to get up to speed.  Here’s some tips:
First, just as with any major business decision, you have to think about your goals – and your money.  Think about your ROI. Since you’re going to have to go to bat for adding video into social media marketing, you need to think about all the added value social media video can bring to you. Sprout Social  divides them into the following areas of rationale:

  • Convey complex information: One of the challenges, but also a dynamic and exciting component, of social media platforms is the fact that most social media sites operate around concise messaging. Twitter can be considered a notorious case of this, considering the fact there’s a 140-character limit. But in contrast, Twitter videos have a length limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. And when you think about the fact Dr. James Quevey claims that 1 minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words, the added value is abundantly clear. Since video URLs are peanuts compared to all the characters that the information you’re looking to transmit can be, breaking down what you want to say in video form lets you transmit the details you want while still working within the constraints.
  • Building Rapport: Social media permits more of a dialogue between brands and consumers rather than the traditional top-down relationship. As consumers crave more and more engagement, they want to have an emotional connection with the products and services they consume. Social media permits brands to capitalize on the personification of their identity and tell a story across those channels.
  • Increased Engagement: Video equals more engagement. And that’s all there is to it. If you want some evidence to corroborate this statement, a Hubspot blog post mentioned a statistic that said “75% of online video viewers have interacted with an online video ad this month.” Having more engagement helps you achieve your goals, whether you want to build more rapport or disseminate the technical details of your product or service
  • Scaling Popularity: Video can help you become more popular. And the vast majority of other marketers are doing it. 60% already are and 73% are seeking to use more video. Sprout, at the end of its explanation of scaling popularity mentions that the sooner you define your strategy, the greater chance you have of not being left behind by your competitors.

Now, to define your strategy, you need to set the goals you want to achieve. Sprout says that you should follow the SMART model: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time sensitive. This is the general model mentioned in any articles about goal-setting and it’s a great way to start think about your big picture game plan. They even have a link to a downloadable worksheet you can print out and work on directly!
Depending on whether your aims are more related to branding, customer service, lead generation (if you know that your really want lead generation to be a major focus of your social videos, then a previous article about how video fits in your lead generation funnel will help incite some brainstorming), or anything else, the SMART model gives you a lot of flexibility.
Once you have your goals, then you’re at the point where, as your plan the content and actions you want to take to figure out where video can fit into your strategy. And this is where we at Stark Crew can help you out in all these stages of the planning and production process.
If you want some help on the strategy side, our video strategy services can get you to a great start. With four different types of plans, you can choose which array of services best suit your needs. Our Foundation Plan, which consists of a service/product analysis, video brand book, video “brand ” anthems, genres, video integration, a selection of genres and concepts for the given month, and a price quote. And depending on the tier, you’ll also be able to opt into other services. You can sign up for either six or twelve month increments. And you’ll have the planning component taken care of.
With the strategy defined and the plans put into motion, it’s now time to execute. And especially since global video assets ARE at the heart of this post, we can help make your global video dreams into a reality. While Sprout gives you some hints about how you can make videos in a cost-effective way, as well as some goal suggestions and different types of videos you can shoot, for any video quality is really important. Quality and achieving world-class product is at the heart of Stark Crew’s mission; the fact is that it’s the holy grail of our business model.
No matter the scope of locations you want included in your video assets, we at Stark Crew have a pre-selected network of 1,000  video producers in 6o countries based on the ground in those markets. Using local people gives you the best of their insider knowledge, helping you best navigate the cultural and linguistic barriers that could compromise the global quality you want for those assets. We have Video Success Managers who help you connect with all the stakeholders involved and keep everyone in the loop.
Rest assured that you’ll be able to create the global video assets you want for social with all the services offered by Stark Crew. Companies such as Boston Consulting Group, McGraw Hill, Facebook, Google, HBO, UPS, Microsoft, Havas Media, and more have already come to us for their video needs. Join their company.