Finding the Right Crew for International Film Shoots

In any endeavor, it’s critical to find the people that will be the right fit. And as companies see their international activities greatly expand, and the greater emphasis for content (especially video), there’s certainly a huge advantage to showing it. And, fortunately enough, we at Stark Crew know all about finding the right crew for any international film shoot you might need. Because it is, after all, our mission.

So, what, is the key to finding the right crew? A “glocal” approach. So, what’s glocal anyway? In a nutshell, it’s global and local, but the Oxford English Dictionary defines it nicely as “[r]eflecting or characterized by both local and global considerations.”

Let us break it down for you:

1. Use local people…

Nothing ever works exactly the same in every point of the world. One of the biggest blunders that people make when working across borders is to not set aside their assumptions about how things are supposed to work. Not only that, working with local crews give you numerous advantages that will help you in all aspects of the project.

First off, using local crews means that you won’t have to deal with any of the costs related to the travel of crews to different points of the world. This certainly will help you achieve a better result with a more efficient use of the resources given to you in your project’s budget. Plus, the local crews, given that they know the locations inside and out, will be able to be your trusted sources about how to get the best out of your given locations. This is especially helpful if you need help hammering out some specific details of your project and want to have a different perspective. It may turn out that you might have to tweak some things as you go along and their expert insights will certainly help you make more informed decisions throughout the entire shooting process. They also know all of the potential cultural and linguistic obstacles that could be detrimental to the fulfilment of a project. And since every precious minute and hour is critical for a shoot, that means that time will go into what really matters to the success of your project.

2. …And coordinate through a global provider

It’s not realistic to think that every company has in-house film crews for every single market it serves. Hence why we’re here to help you here at Stark Crew. We have over 1,000 video producers in 60 countries, and we coordinate between all of our stakeholders from Madrid. What does coordinating through a global provider give you?

  • Consistent quality: The video producers we have in our extensive worldwide network have already been vetted as qualified professionals. This is because our service has a global consistency because this is what’s at the core of what our clients are looking for when creating videos. And as our homepage clearly states, all of our local crews are world class. No matter how many different countries there might be in the span of the project, the final result will have the same level of quality no matter how many countries are in the span of a given project.
  • They know how to oversee these projects: Global providers are skilled at coordinating projects at a global skill. And we at Stark Crew are no exception to this rule. This is at the heart of our system. When you reach out to us for your projects, we connect you to one of our Video Success Managers, who are charged with coordinating all of the moving projects of every single project. Our project managers are the single point of contact throughout all of the locations. So instead of juggling numerous decentralized contacts per location, it’s much less of a hassle to have one person on our end seamlessly flowing all of the work.

So, at the end of the day, what does the glocal approach get you? The best benefits of having the local knowledge to turn your dreams into a reality and having the global quality controls you desire in all points of your business model.

Now you know what to look for, where do you go to make it happen? Look no further than Stark Crew to source you the right crew for your next international film shoot. Lots of companies, like Facebook, Geodis, and The Boston Consulting Group already have.