A Company Culture Unification Video- How to Effectively Show Global Employees Sharing a Common Vision

Multinational companies, who often have thousands of employees in locations all over the world, can face a problem when trying to demonstrate a unified front.  One common dilemma is differing opinions in their employees’ understanding of what the company stands for and how they can contribute to this vision.    Think of employees in Thailand and their different ways of working, doing business and expressing themselves.   And then compare this to those of the same company who work in Sweden.   These cross-cultural differences in expectation, opinion and expression can and do create problems with showing all the employees of a company, worldwide, as flying under the same banner, publicly.
So how do you solve this problem and show all of your employees, no matter if they are from the Mexican, the Swedish or the Thai division of your multinational that they are one?   How do you show all of these different cultures and different people, who are your employees, to share the same vision?
The answer to this is a company culture unification video.  This is a product comprised of a number of professionally shot and directed videos from a selection of your employees, worldwide.  This video clearly displays your company logo in each frame, with employees all answering the same question.  The result is a video that shows that your employees, despite their different locations and cultures, actually all have similar answers to the given question and are, in fact, all on the same page.
Stark Crew just recently shot such a video for a big company in Mexico.   Stark Crew Mexico’s Ray Fortuny interviewed all the employees with the same question, “What does innovation mean to you?”  And with a combination of Ray’s film-making experience and his honed directing skills, he was able to coach the employees to achieve a similar level of performance to that of film directors with professional actors.
As Stark Crew founder Phil Stark says, regarding Ray’s talent with creating effective and compelling culture unification videos, “Ray has the talent to interview an executive and get them smiling and looking like a professional actor.  And he has the artistic ability to re-arrange the furniture and get the light just right in an ordinary looking location, like an office, for example, and boom!  It looks like the executive is being interviewed for a Hollywood special!”
And as Stark Crew has franchisees in various global locations whom you can deal with directly with English-speaking video journalists,  a Stark Crew culture unification video is a simple and effective solution to getting your employees,  from Thailand to Mexico to Sweden, flying under the same banner and feeling more unified.
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