Four types of brand videos to enhance your corporate image

We all know that video makes more impact on our target audience than any other medium. Landing page videos increase conversions by as much as 80% and a Syndacast study predicts that 74% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017. Producing great promo videos is key to putting your best face forward not only to customers, but to all of your stakeholders: employees, new recruits, investors, opinion leaders and the community at large.
Video can be used to enhance communications in nearly every function of your company. But what are some practical ways you can use videos to boost your corporate brand? Here are four types of brand videos to make your company stand out.

Create a brand video that demonstrates your company culture and values

All of your stakeholders want to know who the people are behind the company. Video is the best way to demonstrate your company culture, and show that your company is a great one to work for, buy from, or invest in. One way to give customers a sense of your company’s values is by showing the work your company is doing toward an important cause.
In this video for the Facebook #HerVoice online safety initiative, women and men around the world are shown joining together in the struggle for gender equality and online safety. The video stays far from a sales pitch, instead helping to reinforce Facebook’s identity as a brand concerned with the safety of its users.

Go behind the scenes with a video that shows the great work you do

Give your stakeholders a behind-the-scenes look at your factory or operations. This form of video marketing takes advantage of consumers’ curiosity about products and services, letting you respond to that curiosity with a show off your professionalism or state-of-the-art equipment. As a form of branding video, it will make customers better informed about the way you do things.
Stark Crew created such a brand video for Martins Industries, a producer of safety tire inflation cages (see our case study here). The video combines footage of the manufacturing process with several animations that highlight the range of tire inflation cages the company produces. Martins was able to highlight its most important brand values, such as its strict safety standards, its North American steel sources and the important role of people despite its ultra-modern robot-assisted manufacturing process.

Strengthen your global brand by showing your international scope

You say your company is global? Prove it. A video demonstrates the true global nature of your business. It’s easy to say you have an office in Singapore, but a video shows the people working there and the work they do every day. Highlighting your company’s global operations is a way to gain credibility when entering new markets and show off the company’s diversity and adaptability. See our full case study on Geodis here.

Make what you do crystal clear with an explainer video

If what your company offers needs some explanation – there’s no better way to get the message across than through a video. Not only does an explainer video increase site traffic, the presence of one on the Dropbox homepage launched the startup company into phenomenal success through several thousand extra signups daily due to over 10% increased conversion rates.

Now think about how you can adapt these different brand video formats to highlight the best of your company and take advantage of the video format: today’s king of branding. If you’re still not convinced that video is the number one tool for you, check out the stats in our previous post: The Power of Online Video Marketing in Numbers. 

One last video tip

Whatever type of brand video you make, keep it short. If your video lasts longer than two minutes it is possible to lose up to 60% of your audience, although mobile users seem to have more patience, averaging five minutes per video.

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