We´d like to save your time with a quick description of who we can help.

At Stark Crew, we come from a documentary film background and specialize in the production of social impact micro-documentaries, showing how purpose-driven companies make a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities.

Leveraging our team of 1000+ locally-based video producers across 6 continents, we can make your social impact micro-documentaries anywhere on Earth, anytime. Our clients are Directors of CSR, Social Impact, Sustainability, Public Policy,  Cause Marketing, and Strategic Philanthropy. We work for some of the world´s biggest brands such as Facebook, Instagram, and many others.

Please note that we work directly with end customers, not agencies, production companies, or other intermediaries.

Our customers are major global companies who need full-service solutions: 1) pre-production, 2) production, and 3) post-production - we only work on projects in which we do all three.

Are you a video producer? Apply to our global video producer network here.

If you are a global company looking for the full production of a social impact micro-documentary, contact us know and we will respond today. Thank you. 

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